Blasting And Painting

Blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface, or remove surface contaminants. A pressurized fluid, typically compressed air, or a centrifugal wheel is used to propel the blasting material (often called the media).

We offer one of the best state-of-the-art blasting and painting facilities. It is specially designed to handle large equipment and components perfect for customer needs.

Valves Servicing And Instrumentation

Whether your valves need planned maintenance or significant refurbishment, we can help you ensure that they are running effectively. We offer a comprehensive range of servicing options across our full range of valves, trims and equipment. We have the facilities, expertise and flexibility to ensure that your valves are maintained safely, effectively and promptly.

Pressure Testing Services

CAPSHEAF NYBEN ENERGY has a wide range of pressure testing equipment and a very committed team of talented engineers and technicians to meet our clients needs in pressure testing, whether on-site or off-site (at our workshop).

Repairs/Maintenance Services

Over the years, Capsheaf-Nyben has developed a high level of competence in the maintenance of valves and equipment in the oil and gas (and its allied industries), We achieved this by working closely with original equipment manufactures, and developing a superb internal way of approaching maintenance.